RSP Systems’ Customers Power Through Tropical Storm Isaias

RSP Systems is pleased to announce that our client sites, impacted by the storm, continued to operate during and after Tropical Storm Isaias slammed into the area last week. Only Superstorm Sandy Caused More Power Outages Than Tropical Storm Isaias, With Nearly 2.5 Million People Losing Power in the Region.

The Tropical Storm descended on the tri-state area with a vengeance last Tuesday, thrashing the region with tree-toppling winds, torrential rain, and even a few tornadoes as it continued its deadly march up the eastern U.S. seaboard. Only Superstorm Sandy caused more outages than Tropical Storm Isaias, and days later 700,000 customers were still without power. The fast-moving storm dealt such a wallop that area governors had to put into place emergency orders to speed up the recovery.

"It's been a busy week, but today we can confirm that the storm caused grid outages for at least seven RSP Systems customers with microturbine systems designed to run in stand-alone mode thus providing emergency back-up power to critical site loads," said Cory Glick, President of Reliable Secure Power Systems (RSP Systems), Capstone's distributor for New York, Connecticut, and Ohio. "All of the impacted Capstone sites immediately transitioned to back-up power mode just as they were designed to do," added Mr. Glick.

Dave Bell, the Maintenance Manager from East Hartford High School in Connecticut commented, "The Capstone microturbine system performed precisely as designed, providing seamless back-up power for egress lighting and critical plug loads." Eric Sanders from Pomfret School, also in Connecticut, was extremely pleased with the performance of his Capstone installation commenting, "The microturbine system did what it was supposed to do and man do these units just run and run."

Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a State of Emergency for downstate New York to enable the state to provide additional levels of support to local governments throughout the clean-up and recovery process.

"It has been almost a decade since Superstorm Sandy and three years since Irene, but nature continues to remind us of our dependency on the power grid," said Darren Jamison, Capstone President and Chief Executive Officer. "Users around the world continue to adopt Capstone microturbines as they want the peace of mind in having the high reliability and low emission benefits of our distributed generation products. However, it's unfortunate that in many cases, it takes a major event like this to get people to start thinking differently about how to reliably deliver their energy needs and change traditional utility buying habits," concluded Mr. Jamison.